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We have heard a lot of such statements made about the Devas since our childhood. The Devas are the luminaries of the Vedas. The Devas are the heroes of the puranas. They live in Amaravathi (Click for location). They are the children of Aditi and Kasyapa. They can perform magic and miracles. Sri Vishnu is always on their […]


See Index Page : Ancient Beings, People, Tribes, Races In the early Vedic age, the word Asura meant mighty! In present day Kannada, arasu menas king. By one of the nirukta rules given by Yaska, arasu and asura can be related or indicated by the same thing. “The word Asura […]


dAnavAs : Kasyapa’s wife Danu had a hundred sons, chief amongst whom was vipracitti. They and their descendants were known as the danavas. (from Linga Puranam). A famous Danava was Maya, the son of Vipracitti and Simhika, the author of the Surya Siddhantam. However in the Uttarakanda of Ramayana, Maya is also described as Diti’s son (a Daitya and […]

What are samskArAs?

In Hindu Practice, from conception to death, there are well-defined rituals, called samskaraas, to help the manas engage with the chitta and become pure. Today, people follow very few of these practices, a good example being the vivaha or marriage samskara. But even then few focus on the […]

Audio : ऋ ऋकार​ ṛ ṛkāra ऋषि ṛṣi

ऋ ऋकार ऋ+क्+आ+र्+अ ṛ ṛkāra ṛ+k+ā+r+a The sound ṛ ऋ ऋ ऋ ṛ ṛ ṛ To rise ऋ ऋक्ष ऋ+क्+ष्+अ ṛ ṛkṣa ṛ+k+ṣ+a A bear ऋ ऋच् ऋ+च् ṛ ṛc ṛ+c To praise, extol ऋ ऋक्षनेमि ऋ+क्+ष्+अ+न्+ए+म्+इ ṛ ṛkṣanēmi ṛ+k+ṣ+a+n+ē+m+i A name of viṣṇu ऋ ऋच्छका ऋ+च्+छ्+अ+क्+आ ṛ […]

Audio : ऊ ऊकार​ ū ūkāra

ऊ ऊकार​ ऊ+क्+आ+र्+अ ū ūkāra ū+k+ā+r+a The sound ū ऊ ऊ ऊ ū ū ū śiva, moon, protector ऊ ऊर्मिला ऊ+र्+म्+इ+ल्+आ ū ūrmilā ū+r+m+i+l+ā Lakshmaṇa’s wife ऊ ऊरू ऊ+र्+ऊ ū ūrū ū+r+ū Thigh ऊ ऊर्ध्व ऊ+र्+ध्+व्+अ ū ūrdhva ū+r+d+h+v+a Above ऊ  ऊर्मि ऊ+र्+म्+इ ū ūrmi ū+r+m+i Wave ऊ […]