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RV_07.020.03.1 : Indra, an invincible hero from birth: Vasishta

RV_07.020.03.1{01} yudhmo anarvā khajakṛt samadvā śūraḥ satrāṣāḍ januṣemaṣāḷhaḥRV_07.020.03.2{01} vyāsa indraḥ pṛtanāḥ svojā adhā viśvaṃśatrūyantaṃ jaghāna yudhmah : A warrior anarvā : unstoppable khajakṛt : yuddhakrt : one who wages wars samat va śūraḥ : valorous in battle satrāṣāḍ – invincible and victorious januṣA – from birth Im – This, […]

Indra in the Valmiki Ramayanam.

indra deva has been given a lot of bad press in some movies. In the Vedas and in the Valmiki Ramayana, Indra is a hero. I have so far shared some posts about how Valmiki presented Indra in his Ramayanam. =================================================================== In the beginning, he led the team […]

Indra, Vajra and Vrtrasura:

Indra himself used the Vajrayudham and the Sakthi. Vajra means hard. And Ayudham means weapon. It can mean diamond too. Indra’s Vajrayudham was made of the backbone of a great sage called Dadichi. Hanuman is called Vajranga Bali (the strong one with hard limbs – as hard as diamond or bone). In Hindi […]