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Audio : lingāšTakam

My present understanding is that ङ्गं sound at the end of each line helps us with our sahasrāra cakra. In addition, this namana, destroys all the pain of birth, pride, accumulated total sins, 8 kinds of daridra and burns desire. In addition the person who chants this goes […]

Audio : namah sūryāya candrāya

This is navagrahanamana. In this ślōkam, the namah (manah) is for sūrya, candra, mangala, budha, guru, śukra, śani, rāhu and kētu. They are the kārakas for the Self, Mind, Conflict, Learning, Wisdom, Comfort, Work, Illusion and Freedom, in that order, respectively. Some Notes. A graha is any celestial […]