Category: Devata

Audio : namah sūryāya candrāya

This is navagrahanamana. In this ślōkam, the namah (manah) is for sūrya, candra, mangala, budha, guru, śukra, śani, rāhu and kētu. They are the kārakas for the Self, Mind, Conflict, Learning, Wisdom, Comfort, Work, Illusion and Freedom, in that order, respectively. Some Notes. A graha is any celestial […]

Audio : yā dēvī

That dēvī, who is well-established, in all the lōkas (worlds) and in all beings, for her namah, for her namah, for her namah, namah, namah. There are many variants of this ślōkam. I have often prescribed this stuti to people who show effects of rāhu’s illusory influence. And […]