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Notes From upAdghAta of ādi śankarācārya’s gītā bhāšyam.

Here I will try to give my commentary on the upAdghAta (introduction) of Adi Sankara’s Commentary on the Gita. (Recovered from : Purusha, Avyakta, Brahmanda : Narayana is beyond the avyakta (undifferentiated) : vyakta or’ the differentiated’ refers to the matter-energy universe that we see manifested all […]

Types of knowledge, karma and motivation.

Three  things differentiate the guNAs as per गुणसंख्यान, ie the theory of the 3 essential properties (sattva, rajas and tamas) Knowledge or gnyAna The action –  karma The karta – the doer. If you everything as one – your knowledge is sAttvika. If you see everything as different – your knowledge is rAjasa If you think […]

agnim īłe

Recovered from an old post by me on and It has my translation of some Veda mantras to Agni agnih dēvatā Devata means luminary, the one who is bright. The root of the word is related to light. Diva is lamp, Diva is day, Divi is heaven. […]