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Satya S. Kandula

M.Tech. Electronics Design, IISc. Formerly Senior Delivery Manager (Software) and Professor (Electronics and Computers). Presently a Teacher of Ancient Indian Texts.

indra’s divine weapons given to rāma.

Agastya gives Sri Rama Divine Weapons. (Valmiki Ramayana – Aranyakanda) Sri Rama defeated and killed the Rakshasas wherever he went, at the request of the Rishis. After meeting Sutikshana and before meeting Agastya, Rama met a lot of Rishis. They told him that the Rakshasas were troubling them and trying to do […]

Indra’s Children.

One of Indra’s sons, Jayanta, a Kaka (crow), attacked Sita. Rama put out one of his eyes, but did not kill him. Another son of Indra’s was Vali, the brother of sūryaputra sugreeva. Rama killed vāli because Vali had taken away Sugreeva’s wife. Sugreeva and Rama had promised each […]

Audio : slōka chanting for heart cakra.

यं बृहन्तं बृहत्युक्थे यमग्नौ यं महाध्वरे।यं विप्रसङ्घा गायन्ति तस्मै वेदात्मने नमः।। This ślōka is from bhīshma stavarāja yam bRhantam bRhatyukthē yam agnau yam mahādhvarē yam viprasanghā gāyanti tasmai vēdātmanē namah | yam is the bīja mantram of the anāhata cakra. This is the cakra of the heart. Love […]

Audio : ākāra

Listen and Practice. आ‍ आनन ānana Faceआ आनन्द​ ānanda Joy आ आत्मा ātmā Selfआ आदि ādi Beginningआ आदित्य​ āditya Sun aa a is hrasva short. It is one mātra long. ā is dīrgha long. It is two mātrās long. aaaaa is pluta. It is many mātras long. a […]

Audio : Iśā vāsya upanišad

This upanišad contains the mahāvakyam so-ahamasmi. It is both a vēda and an upanišad. Not all students have the physical capacity to chant vaidīka svaras. There will be an entrance test for chanting lessons. Most people can sign up for the meanings classes or for the philosophy discussions. […]