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Satya Sarada Kandula

M.Tech. Electronics Design, IISc. Formerly Senior Delivery Manager (Software) and Professor (Electronics and Computers). Presently a Teacher of Ancient Indian Texts. Interested on Geo-Politics, Current Science and Current Affairs. Respects spiritual People. Loves Nature.

Padmasana, Padmanabha : Yogic Interpretation

Recovered from : “Padmasanasthithe Devi, Parabrahma Swaroopini… Oh Devi! seated in a Padmasana, whose form is that of Parabrahma…” so begins a stotra in praise of  Devi. Brahma is referred to as Sarasijasana, Padmasana, Kamalasana All meaning “Lotus – Asana”. Does Padmasana refer to sitting on a lotus as shown […]

The word arya in the Rg Veda : RV_04.026.02.1 : Gautamo Vamadeva Rshi

March 18, 2010 Recovered from : Today, after a lot of searching for a very long time I came across the word Arya in a mantram by the RSi vAmadEva the son/descendant of Gauthama Maharshi. Gautama Maharshi (Part 1) Gautama Maharshi (Part 2) When Vamadeva experienced the Brahman, he […]


We have heard a lot of such statements made about the Devas since our childhood. The Devas are the luminaries of the Vedas. The Devas are the heroes of the puranas. They live in Amaravathi (Click for location). They are the children of Aditi and Kasyapa. They can perform magic and miracles. Sri Vishnu is always on their […]