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About this book :

This book is full of notes, insights and experimental (subjective) results. All the astrological remedies prescribed in this book are inexpensive, effective and easy to follow. They are without side-effects. They involve prayers and good actions.
This book is not a text-book of astrology or even a handbook. It summarises my understanding of the concepts in the sastra of hindu astrology.
This is book is not science or logic and cannot be explained scientifically or logically. There are no proofs or guarantees.
However it is a useful book to have at your side. It can improve your understanding a little, offer alternate solutions to try and satisfy your curiosity.

About the Author :

Satya Sarada Kandula started studying astrology from books in the year 1999. She also started testing predictions made by herself and others (family and strangers) and logging them. She found a surprisingly high correlation between the events predicted in the vedic chart and the events in her life as well as the lives of family and strangers. She experimented with various solutions and found simple prayers and actions that lighten the burden and give good results. She was a professional astrologer for a short period till advised by her father to stop.
Sometimes she could accurately guess features of a person’s horoscope just by looking at the person or knowing them. She actively resists practicing this skill and refuses to see people’s horoscopes. On rare occasions she suggests a simple prayer or action to someone who has complete faith in her to solve an unbearable problem. She believes that looking at a horoscope is like doing an x-ray on someone and must not be done just like that.

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