Atharva Veda : The First Veda : The Brahma Veda : atharvan, angIrA and brahmA were among the rishis.

April 5, 2010

For long the propagators of the Colonial Tradition have brainwashed Indian Readers who learn about our own culture through English language into thinking that the Atharva Veda is the last or most recent Veda.

For some time, clues have been popping into my knowledge space indicating that Atharva is the first or oldest Veda, exactly as tradition has been suggesting.

Our tradition holds that RSi atharvan discovered the fire. He found the way by which fire could be produced with araNi sticks and that he systematized it in a way that the other rishis could easily replicate this process. Then, our tradition tells us that Viswamitra विश्वामित्र learned it and introduced this mechanism for quickly starting up this fire into the Rg Veda. See : Atharvan discovered the fire. Viswamitra Institutionalised it

  1. The RSis of the Atharva Veda include not only atharvan and  angIrA but also Brahma himself. These rishis belong to the kRta yuga, which was the first of the 4 yuga cycle. Of course there are also some mantras of later RSis like s’aunaka in them. Saunaka Maharshi Was of the Dwapara and Kaliyugas.
  2. Originally there was only one varna, then there were three and then there were four.  We see that the Atharva Veda has reference to 3 varnas, whereas the Rg and Yajur Vedas have reference to 4 varnas. (Reference)

References :

Notes from Essay Linked Above :

  1. Girls were allowed to choose their own husbands. (Mantras in the Atharva and the Rg Veda are quoted to corroborate it). This makes perfect sense if you consider the story of Savithri and Satyavan.
  2. There is a lovely eco-friendly sUktam to bhUdEvi.. mother earth. One of the mantras reads.. : “May whatever I dig from thee, grow quickly again, O mother, may I not injure your heart”
  3. There is a sUktam by brahma in this referenced essay in which he describes a brahmacharin.. another must-read : Page 27.
  4. Evidence is provided of the decimal number system.
  5. There is a sections which deals with time and 6 seasons.
  6. It is also interesting that one of the mantras refers to young aryaman, with locks on his forehead as someone who helps young men and women find the right match. (See : The word arya in the Veda, did not refer to “Indo European – Aryans”)

Gaze upon one of the sUktAs for which our forefather Brahma is the rishi! I have not translated it yet, but I feel so happy just to look at it.

s’rI kRSNArpaNam.

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