Ancient Indians - Satya Samhita


Some mountain tribes, run up the hills using their toes and balls of their feet, never touching their heels to the ground, giving the impression of “horse feet” or “goat feet”.

The word kinnara comes from kim +nara = what (is it) human?

The Kinnaras frequently occur in the Valmiki Ramayanam.  Modern Kinnaras of Himachal Pradesh follow the same form of polyandry as Draupadi, the daughter-in-law of Pandu. ie they marry the brothers of one family and keep that family together. They usually marry the eldest first and the younger ones as they come of age.

The Kinnaras were very beautiful and very fast. So their legs are described as legs of horses or legs of birds.

Now of course bionics can make such a thing come true…

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