dAnavAs : Kasyapa’s wife Danu had a hundred sons, chief amongst whom was vipracitti. They and their descendants were known as the danavas. (from Linga Puranam).

A famous Danava was Maya, the son of Vipracitti and Simhika, the author of the Surya Siddhantam. However in the Uttarakanda of Ramayana, Maya is also described as Diti’s son (a Daitya and as the king of the Daityas). maya is the father-in-law of Ravana रावण.  maya dAnava is also called mayAsura or the mighty maya.

Our legends also tell us that kas’yapa had 13 wives and all of  them were daksha‘s daughters. Aditi’s children were the Adityas, Diti’s children were the Daityas, Danu’s children were the Danavas, Manu’s children were the manavas… and so on. Even the rakshasasnagas, Jatayu, Garuda (and other birds) are all Kasyapa’s descendants by his other wives. It is thus suggested to us that all in the animate world  are the children of ‘The one who sees”.

maya is thus a step-brother/nephew of  Indra!

As the children of a rSi and the daughter of a rSi, the dAnavAs were also genetically human, and step-brothers of the AdityAs and the daityAs.

Read mayA’s story here : Maya Danava (Maya Asura)

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