What are samskArAs?

In Hindu Practice, from conception to death, there are well-defined rituals, called samskaraas, to help the manas engage with the chitta and become pure.

Today, people follow very few of these practices, a good example being the vivaha or marriage samskara. But even then few focus on the divinity of the occasion or use the occasion to engage the manas with chitta. Instead its all about socializing, fun, ostentation and often even exploitation. Often even with the sacred fire lit and in presence of Veda Mantras, everyone is thoroughly distracted and treat the whole thing as a background sound. The manas of the key players is so very stressed out.

So I am thinking that a simple holding of hands (pani grahanam), in the presence of the divine rising sun, and a commitment or sankalpa (will/ decision) to share their lives.. should succeed in engaging the manas of the couple with their chitta, and qualify as a a samskara.

Recovered from :  http://ancientindians.in/bhagavadgita/karma/

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