kRtsna karma kRt.

kRtsna karma kRt : one who has done the entire karma (work) that is to be done :

There are 3 kinds of mokshas : sarupya – same form, salokya – same world and sayujya – same identity.

There comes a time in our lives when we want God either ‘to be near’ or ‘to be one with’ and so on and we are not interested in settling for samsung galaxy tabs, lovers or kingdoms to rule. Then we get interested in this karma concept. Of course we have given up vikarma or doing bad things long ago. The choice is now between doing good things (karma) and then earning lots more goodies (which we don’t want anymore) or doing nothing at all (akarma). Many people plonk for akarma and they think that they are sannyasis. They don’t participate in worldly affairs and live on alms or on air and wear very little or nothing. akarma is not sannyasa at all.

sannyasa is not related to bodily actions but to manasic (mental) detachment. You do your karma, and are detached from karma-phala. So you do your duty to your body, your family, your society, to humanity, to posterity, to the environment, to the universe, to devas, to God.

You do it just bodily thinking that God is the doer or nature is the doer. When you save a wet cat, you dont care about the rat its going to kill tomorrow. You keep doing “the right thing” in the “here and now” to the best of your knowledge, with no attachment to the consequences. (If alarm bells are going off in your heart, when you hear “with no thought of the consequences’ then you are not at this stage. Please stick with doing your duty, and relax.) 

You see karma in akarma, akarma in karma.. And thus you are the real sannyasi, you are the real yogi!

Then, you not only become krtsna karma krt, one who has done all that one should do, you also become free from the effects of your karma good and bad. No more rewards or punishments  for you. Only sayujyam, sarupyam or salokyam.

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