What are karma, akarma and vikarma?

karma is action.

Not just action, but right action.

akarma is inaction.

vikarma is wrong or bad action.

Karma is for citta śuddhi. The purification of the cit. A close but inexact translation of cit is consciousness or awareness.

Dēvi is called cit svaroopi ie, one who has consciousness as her form.

Karma kānda of the Vedas are said to be for citta śuddhi, purification of citta.

I asked my Veda Guru, Kunda Miss, how can you purify Dēvi who is all pure – what does this mean?

She clarified that in the term citta śuddhi refers to the purification of combo of chitta-manas-buddhi. It is really the mind – manas that needs to be purified.

citta is already pure.

Manas is the part of your mind that is most involved with sensations and perceptions and feelings. The Bhagavad Gita refers to the manas as the sixth sense. The manas is very closely connected to the body and the external world. It gets contaminated by samsāra mala (the filth in the world). It gets purified by connecting to the brahman, and by doing right action – karma.

dhī is the thinking part of your mind. Your intelligence. buddhi is that part of your mind that can learn and that can be taught. It is your repository of learning. Your buddhi can also be purified by doing right action or karma.

If you do nothing that may or may not qualify as akarma. Even sitting still is karma if your manas becomes purified.

The manas of a soldier who kills the brave and noble soldiers of the enemy army may feel purified and engaged in the divine even though, as Arjuna put, ‘it it is a horrific action’. So it could count as karma and not as vikarma. Whereas the manas of a person who does nothing to defend an exploited child, could become guilt ridden and impure, then we know that person is engaged in vikarma.

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