How does karma-phala accrue across many lives?

 There are 3 kinds of karma – prArabdha, sancita and Agamya (aagami)

My Veda Guru says :

prArabdha karma is a bit like your EMI (Equated Monthly Installment)Every birth you take you are required to exhaust only part of your previously earned karma, good and bad. The best attitude towards this karma is to grin and bear it.

sanchita karma is like the total amount due from you and total good stuff due to you, as of this instant. The good and bad do not cancel each other out and each has to be experienced separately. From the instant of gnyāna, sancita karma is destroyed, but you still have to work out your prArabdha.

Agamya Karma. Even though gnyana has destroyed your sancita karma, you have to live as long as your prarabhda dictates. The new karma associated with this part of your life is called aagamya karma. This is also destroyed by gnyana.

As per this philosophy, this life goes as per its destiny and and newly acquired pApa and puNya are totalled and adjusted at the end of your life. Again the new prArabdha for your next birth is determined. But for a gnyani, there will be no next birth since he has zero totals of pApa and puNya at the end of his life.

Then what happens to all the good deeds a gnyani does post the instant of getting gnyAna? It goes to the society.. to the followers of that saint.

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