BG Chapter 18

What are the causes for success, or karma siddhi?

Can a person take full credit for his success or failure?

There are 5 reasons for the fulfilment of all tasks. (sarva karmANAm siddhayE). (Causes of Karma Siddhi : Bhagavad Gita : 18.13-18.17)

  1. adhiSThAna : the place or the base
  2. kartA : the doer
  3. karaNa : the means, the instruments (can also be the limbs)
  4. iSTAs : wishes/effort/worship/vedic rites
  5. daivam : fate/deity

Whether a person starts a karma (action) with his mind, speech or body, whether it is regular or extreme there are these five causes.

Therefore someone who considers himself, the kartA, alone as the cause, from an incomplete thinking (akRta buddhitvAt), that man of poor conclusions, does not see the truth.

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