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Vasishta tells us in RV_07.020.01.2 : that Indra killed Vrtra

RV_07.020.02.1{01} hanta vṛtramindraḥ śūśuvānaḥ prāvīn nu vīro jaritāramūtī

RV_07.020.02.2{01} kartā sudāse aha vā u lokaṃ dātā vasu muhurā dāśuṣe bhūt

virah indrah – The valorous indra;

vRtram hantA – killed vritra;

sudAsE lokam kartA – he gave the world (kingdom) to sudasa (lit.. good dAsa or devotee)

muhuh dAs’uSE vasu dAtA bhUt – He was a donor of wealth (vasu) to the yajamana (person performing yajna), many times

aha vA u – 3 fillers for chandas..(metre)

jaritAram prAvIt – He protected the praiser.

nu – quickly Uti – with weapons

s’Us’uvAnah – (vardhamAnah), one who was growing, (Indra)

The valorous Indra, as he was growing,  killed Vritra. He gifted Sudasa with a Kindom. He protected those who praised him, quickly with his weapons/defences.  He donated wealth to the yajamAna of the yajna., many a time.

In this interpretation of this mantra, we see Indra as valorous young man who was generous, brave, protective and successful in destroying enemies.

This translation is based on the synonyms selected/suggested by sAyaNAcArya as the most appropriate match.

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