Vasishta addressed Indra as Chakri! RV_07.020.01.1

All of us born in the last century think of Vishnu as Chakri.

Vishnu has a sudarshana chakra also used by Sri Krishna. It can take a man’s head off. A discovery channel program actually demonstrated a weapon like a chakra that could be used for exactly the same purpose, from the Punjab Region. So I have no doubt that Sri Krishna hurled his chakra with great force and strength at that horrible s’is’upAla of no redeeming features.

I was very surprised and delighted to see that Vasishtha applied this same epithet to our ancient hero the divine Indra!

RV_07.020.01.1{01} ugro jajñe vīryāya svadhāvāñcakrirapo naryo yat kariṣyan
RV_07.020.01.2{01} jagmiryuvā nṛṣadanamavobhistrātā na indra enaso mahaścit

sAyaNa tells us that cakrī means one who accomplishes the intended goal. (kartA eva)

So Indra is ugra (which we generally think means anger, but it means one full of ojas), svadhAvAn – means strong, (svadhA is also a vedic word used during yajnas), who was born for valourous  deeds (vIryAya jagnye). Indra is narya or narahita, a benefactor of humankind. yat kariSyan, apah cakrih – he accomplishes what he has/decides to do. He is a protector or trAta. He enters the yajnyagruha (nrSadanam) with his rakshanas (avobhih) and protects us from mahascit (major) Enasah (sins).

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