Indra, Vajra and Vrtrasura:

Indra himself used the Vajrayudham and the Sakthi. Vajra means hard. And Ayudham means weapon. It can mean diamond too. Indra’s Vajrayudham was made of the backbone of a great sage called Dadichi. Hanuman is called Vajranga Bali (the strong one with hard limbs – as hard as diamond or bone). In Hindi Vajranga Bali became Bajranga Bali. Jai Bajrang Bali! Indra used the Vajrayudham to kill Vrttrasura, which means the mighty Vrttra! We know this from the Vedas. Who or what was Vrttra? We will come back to this later. In Sanskrit Sakthi means energy or power or competence.

Viswamitra himself was a powerful warrior who could have killed any of the Rakshasas who interrupted his Yajna. But he wanted to test and to train Sri Rama. He was happy to see that Sri Rama was not only powerful in that he could kill Subahu and chase away Marichi, but also obedient in that he would kill Tataka, a woman Rakshasi, because his guru Viswamitra asked him to. All this Indra knew.

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