Indra in the Valmiki Ramayanam.

indra deva has been given a lot of bad press in some movies. In the Vedas and in the Valmiki Ramayana, Indra is a hero. I have so far shared some posts about how Valmiki presented Indra in his Ramayanam.


In the beginning, he led the team of Devas, asking Vishnu to be born on earth as a man, to kill Ravana, the Brahmana – Rakshasa.

Training Sri Rama in the use of divine weapons.

Vasishtha trained Sri Rama as a young boy, and then Viswamitra took him away and taught him all the celestial weapons. Celestial weapons means divine weapons or the weapons of the Devas. He learned to use the weapons that each Deva used or ruled. He then, saluted all the Devas and asked them to ‘please leave now and come back when I need you’.

Indra and the Devas were present there when Viswamitra gave Sri Rama the divine weapons and when he trained him how to use them.

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