indra’s divine weapons given to rāma.

Agastya gives Sri Rama Divine Weapons. (Valmiki Ramayana – Aranyakanda)

Sri Rama defeated and killed the Rakshasas wherever he went, at the request of the Rishis. After meeting Sutikshana and before meeting Agastya, Rama met a lot of Rishis. They told him that the Rakshasas were troubling them and trying to do ‘Yajnanasanam’ (destruction of Yajnas).  Then Rama told them, that the real reason his father sent him to the forest was to protect the Rishis from the Rakshasas.

Did you know that Dasaratha and Indra were friends? Dasaratha helped Indra in his wars against the Asuras.

After visiting Sutikshna, Sri Rama, Sita and Lakshmana went to visit some other sages and then he went to visit Rishi Agastya. Agastya is one of the first few Rishis, who came from the north of India to the south. (Vasishtha on the other hand is one of the Rishis who went with Satyavrata Manu from South of India to the north, at the time of the Matsya Avatar flood.)

Agastya gave Sri Rama, the following divine weapons.

  1. A Vaishnava (belonging to Vishnu) bow, great and divine, adorned by gold and diamonds, made by Viswakarma.
  2. The best arrow, amazing and bright as the sun, given by Brahma.
  3. The two inexhaustible quivers, full of sharp arrows, as if lit with fire, given unto him, by Mahendra (the great Indra),
  4. A sword decorated with gold and  with a golden sheath.

Notice that at the time, that Sri Rama was given all these wonderful weapons, he had not yet run into Ravana. Yet Agastya thought that it would be good if Sri Rama were this well-armed. Agastya was the son of Varuna Deva and Urvasi as per one story.

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