Indra’s Children.

One of Indra’s sons, Jayanta, a Kaka (crow), attacked Sita. Rama put out one of his eyes, but did not kill him.

Another son of Indra’s was Vali, the brother of sūryaputra sugreeva. Rama killed vāli because Vali had taken away Sugreeva’s wife. Sugreeva and Rama had promised each other that they would help each other recover their respective wives.

There is however another angle to this. The Uttarakanda tells us that Vali and Ravana concluded a treaty of friendship with Agni as the witness. (Agnisakshi). So it was clear that though Vali was Indra’s son, he would be of no help in eliminating Ravana.

Indra’s son through Kunthi was Arjuna, the hero of the Mahabharata, second only to Sri Krishna.

Indra’s daughter Jayanti was the wife of Sukracharya and the daughter-in-law of Bhrgu Maharshi.

It is stated in the Siva Purana that after Skanda was born to Siva, Indra had no children through his own wife, Saci, due to Parvathi’s śāpam.

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