Audio : slōka chanting for heart cakra.

यं बृहन्तं बृहत्युक्थे यमग्नौ यं महाध्वरे।
यं विप्रसङ्घा गायन्ति तस्मै वेदात्मने नमः।।
This ślōka is from bhīshma stavarāja
yam bRhantam once slowly.

yam bRhantam bRhatyukthē yam agnau yam mahādhvarē

yam viprasanghā gāyanti tasmai vēdātmanē namah |

yam is the bīja mantram of the anāhata cakra. This is the cakra of the heart. Love is it’s correct state. Duty is it’s bound state. Fear is it’s imbalanced state. Practice the sound yam for the benefit of your heart cakra. To untie the knot of the hRdaya granthi. Be sure to pronounce yam fully.

yam bīja mantram
  • yam means ‘to whom’ or ‘unto whom’ or ‘of whom’
  • bRhantam – to/unto/of that great one
  • tasmai vēdātmanē namah – namah for the Self of the Vedas
  • yam viprasanghāh gāyanti – of whom the groups of wise men sing
  • mahādhvarē – in the great adhvara (soma yagnya, road leading to sky or heaven)
  • agnau – in  the agni, fire, sacrificial fire ( of three kinds, gārhapatyaāhavanīya, and dakṣiṇa )
  • bRhatyukthē – The mahadukthamor bṛhaduktham,”great uktha“, forms a series of verses, in three sections, each containing eighty tṛcas or triple verses, recited at the end of the agnicayana
yam bRhantam many times, with increasing speed.
yam bRhantam syllable by syllable

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