Audio : buddhir balam : Hanumān

बुद्धिर्बलम् यशो धैर्यम् निर्भयत्वम् अरोगता अजाड्यम् वाक्पटुत्वञ्च हनुमत्स्मरणाल्लभेत् ।

This ślōkam with sandhis pronounced and split.

The austerity to practice is remembering Hanumān.

The benefits (karmaphala) of this activity are listed in the ślokam as follows.

  • बुद्धि: – buddhih – That which has been learned – Learning
  • र्बलम् – balam – strength
  • यश: – yaśah – fame
  • धैर्यम् – dhairyam – Intelligence from dhī – the part that can think, commonly translated as courage
  • निर्भयत्वम् – nirbhayatvam – Absence of fear
  • अरोगता – arōgatā – Absence of disease
  • अजाड्यम् – ajāDyam – Absence of lethargy, darkness
  • वाक्पटुत्वम् – vākpaTutvam – Control over speech, Good speech
  • च – and
  • हनुमत्स्मरणात्- from remembering Hanumān
  • लभेत् – is got.

To attain the brahman the austerity is practiced while giving up the karmaphala. That is karmaphala tyāga.

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