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Isa Vasya Upanishad (Complete) Interpretation by Satya Sarada Kandula

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Excerpt :

Peace Invocation : s’Anti mantram

  • AUM pUrNamadah pUrNamidam pUrNat pUrNamudacyatE |
  • pUrNasya pUrNamAdAya pUrNamEvAvas’iSyatE.||0||
  • AUM s’Antih, s’Antih, s’Antih.

Every Upanishad begins with an invocation for inner peace. We do not wish to be disturbed by causes internal, external or divine.

Aum – is the divine sound and represents the brahman.

purnam adah – that is complete

purnam idam – this is complete

purnat purnamudachyate – completeness arises from completeness

purnasya purnamadaya – having taken completeness from completeness

purnameva avasishyate – only completeness remains.

AUM, this is complete and that is complete. From completeness, completeness arises.

Having taken the completeness of completeness, only completeness remains.

What do the words this and that refer to?

‘This’ is all that we see. ‘That’ is the Brahman, the great, the divine, the perfect.

All ‘this’ came from ‘that’.
From perfection – only perfection can arise.
That means that all that we see is also perfect. It is also complete.

We normally think that when you take something out of something else there is less of the original stuff to go around. However when you look at the infinity concept in mathematics you can see that subtracting infinity from infinity leaves infinity.

Similarly when a perfect world emerges from a perfect being, or a complete world is taken from a complete being, the original being is still perfect and complete.

When a perfect child is born of a perfect mother, the mother is still perfect and complete.

If you look at the world around you and look at it as imperfect and incomplete – you will not have inner peace or santhi.

Without inner peace you cannot think, contemplate or meditate and understand the truth.

So first let us accept that the world around us is pURNa since it comes from that perfect complete divine Brahman. And perfection can only give rise to perfection.

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