Audio : akāra



अ अथ​ atha : now

अ अनादि – अन + आदि anādi : without beginning

अ अभ्यास​ – abhyāsa : practice

अ अमर​ – amara : immortal

अ अम्बा – ambā : mother, dēvī

अ is also one of the names of višńu

Practice : अकार​ akāra

The Parent Site : Learn Sanskrit Chants from a Guru

Interactive Practice On Your Own : samskṛtābhyāsam

Travel, Resources, History & Legends : Ancient Indians – Satya Samhita

Telegram Broadcast and Group Chat : https://t.me/SanskritChants

Listen to the FM Channel on Anchor : anchor.fm/satyasaradakandula

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