Audio : svasti prajābhyah

This is a good blessing for the people of the earth and her rulers. Justice and Happiness. Feel free to share.

  • There is good for the people and for those who rule.
  • The lords of the earth rule the earth in the way of justice.
  • May there always be good for the nourishers (cows, light) and those engaged in the study of the brahman (brāhmańas).
  • May all the worlds (people) be happy (comfortable, in a good state).

Some Notes :

  • su asti = There is good.
  • śubham astu = May there be good.
  • go = light, cow….
  • brāhmańa = one who identifies with, studies, devotes his life to the brahman

Look at the various meanings of kha by Monier Williams

  • su-kha : comfort, happiness, good space, good state.
  • duh-kha : discomfort, sorrow, bad space, bad state.
  • sukhinah = one who is happy, in a good state

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