Audio : yadaksharapadabhrashTam

Even though I (or you) focus on accuracy in chanting, there are sometimes some slips and errors. In these ślōkas we seek forgiveness (kšamā) for errors in our practice, sādhana, ācāra for whatever reason.

If there is a bhrashTa (falling, failing) of a letter, word, mātra (duration), then we are to be forgiven, oh nārāyańa! I don’t know (proper) invitation, pūjā or send-off, forgive my errors. I have no refuge other than you, so please forgive me, out of compassion, oh paramēśwara.

Gone are my sins, my sorrow, my poverty. Happiness and wealth are coming in, because of your purifying darśana (vision).

A darśana can be in a temple, pūjā room or in our minds.

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