Audio : sūryāšTakam – śiva prōktam

These 8 slōkas which offer namah (manah) to the Sun, sūrya, were spoken by śiva.

At the end there is a phalaśRti. This tells of the fruit of constantly (daily) chanting the suryashtakam.

  • The chanter will not have disease, sorrow or poverty. All the pain due to grahas will be destroyed. One without sons will beget sons. A poor man will become wealthy.
  • It also states that there are also negative consequences of some actions – a person who eats meat or drinks alcohol on Sundays will be ill for seven lifetimes and be poor, birth after birth.
  • Whereas a person who practices celibacy, gives up oil (massage?), alcohol and meat on Sundays, will not fall ill and will not be poor or sorrowful. He will go to the sūryalōka (after death).

The essence is that if someone practices austerities on Sunday, and worships the Sun daily, they will have children, wealth, good health and happiness.

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