Audio : namah sūryāya candrāya

This is navagrahanamana.

In this ślōkam, the namah (manah) is for sūrya, candra, mangala, budha, guru, śukra, śani, rāhu and kētu.

They are the kārakas for the Self, Mind, Conflict, Learning, Wisdom, Comfort, Work, Illusion and Freedom, in that order, respectively.

Some Notes.

A graha is any celestial body or point with a gravitational (or other) grip. It derives from gR to grasp or hold.

A chāya graha or a shadowy graha has some effects, often related to it’s location. The two mentioned in this ślōkam are the moon’s nodes, rāhu and kētu. These are described with mathematical accuracy in the surya siddhanta of maya dānava for astronomers, as well as other astrological siddhāntās and vēdānga jyotiša. They are imaginatively described in various purāńas in an encoded format, for lay people. Since the chāya grahas are related to eclipses and alignments, their effects are experienced differently.

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