Audio : kāyēna vācā

This is a karma phala samarpaNa ślōkam. It is not a stotram or praise. It is ślōkam for those who wish to practice karma yōga.

It says that whatever I do,

  • with my body, speech, manas (the part of the mind that deals with sensory experiences), indriyās (powers or capabilities of the senses), buddhi (the learning), by the self (here it refers to the combine of self-body-mind..), by prakRti’s own tendencies (these could be the guNās)
  • I do it for the ultimate puruSa (the in-dweller), nārāyaNa.

In the recording below, I chant it once as it is and once with the sandhis split for clearer understanding.

If you would like to learn this from me please register below. I accept fees and voluntary support contributions via paypal, any upi or NEFT. In the class, we can discuss the philosophy behind this ślōkam.

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