Audio : śuklāmbaradharam višńum (with meanings)

This prayer is for vighna upaśamana. The quietening of disturbances.



All pūjās start with this ślōkam.

Most Hindus recognise this as a prayer to gańēśa. Some śrī vaišńava gurus differ on this matter. I recall that they say it is a prayer to viśvaksēna.


He who wears white clothes, is all present, is the colour of the moon, has four shoulders and has a pleased face, is to be contemplated upon, for the quietening of all disturbances.

  • śukla means white
  • ambara means clothes.
  • dhara means one who wears, bears, upholds. Derives from dhR.
  • śuklāmbaradharam means one who wears white clothes.
  • višńu means omni-present. He created the world and entered it. Derives from viś. ś becomes š when followed by ń.
  • śasi is the moon.
  • varńa is colour in this context.
  • caturbhuja one who has four shoulders. It can refer to divisions or directions. Reinforcing the idea of omnipresence.
  • prasanna means pleased.
  • vadana means face.
  • dhyāyēt means should be contemplated, paid attention to, held in the mind. Derives from dhī, intelligence.
  • sarva means all.
  • vighna means obstacle. ghna is to destroy. vi is a prefix that in the case enhances the what follows. So it is a big ghna.
  • upaśantayē means” for the quietening of.” śanti derives from śama. We need three kinds of non-disturbance to do anything. Internal, external and divine. Three kinds of quietness.


Action : Contemplate on the pleased face. White Clothes, White colour. Purity. All-presence.

Purpose : For the quietening of all disturbances.

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