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aditi is mentioned frequently in the Vedas. aditi is famous in Indian legends as the mother of all the Adityas or Devas. Literally, the word aditi means infinite. Infinity is the mother of the Sun, Moon and all nature. That makes perfect sense.

In our puranas, aditi, is the daughter of Daksha Prajapathi and the wife of Kashyapa Prajapathi. By Yaska’s Niruktha rule of reversal, Kasyapa can be written as Pasyaka – the one who sees. Aditi is infinity, her husband is ‘the one who sees’ and their children are the Adityas.

Kasyapa Prajapati created a Nighantu or dictionary of synonyms. Yaska wrote a commentary or bhasyam on this nighantu and that is called the niruktham. (Yaska’s Niruktha – Etymyology in Sanskrit)

Our legends also tell us that kas’yapa had 13 wives and all of  them were Daksha‘s daughters. Aditi’s children were the Adityas, Diti’s children were the Daityas, Danu’s children were the Danavas, Manu’s children were the manavas… and so on. Even the rakshasasnagas, Jatayu, Garuda (and other birds) are all Kasyapa’s descendants by his other wives. It is thus suggested to us that all in the animate world  are the children of ‘The one who sees”.